21 Dec 2010

How To Stop Dog Pooping in the House?

"How do you stop a dog from eating poop" has been pondered worldwide by many aghast dog owners. Not all dogs will indulge in this activity, however there are still several that will. For the ones that do, however, it is a behaviour that puzzles and mystifies dog trainers and veterinarians around the globe. Take it from someone who has witnessed it first hand, this is not something you should have to see.

There are many theories as to what causes this unusual behaviour in dogs.

The carnivorous/scavenging instinct
Some hypothesize that coprophagia is caused by a powerful natural instinct. When carnivores kill, they eat the carcass, which includes the digestive tract, which includes the poop.

Boredom or stress
A deficiency of human affection, and mental and physical stimulation, is cited by many as a cause for coprophagia. The dog will eat the poop because there is really nothing else for her to do.

Improperly housetrained dogs
In an attempt to escape punishment for pooping in the house, some postulate that dogs will eat it before their owners see it.

Nursing mothers
Some nursing mothers will eat their puppies' poop as a way of keeping the "den" clean, and to conceal evidence of the existence of their puppies from predators. Poop eating is quite ordinary with puppies who are seen to emulate the behavior of their mother.

The "leave it" command
This can be helpful when you are in the yard with her, when you take her for a walk, or if she decides to poop on your new leather car seats.

Positive reinforcement
If you see your dog attempting to eat her own poop, stop her in the act, and reward her with treats and praise. It is essential to duplicate this reinforcement on a regular basis.

Bring your creative side out
You can also experiment by adding natural deterrents, such as canned pumpkin or pineapple, to your dog's meals. She will likely eat the deterrents, however their presence in the poop makes it unpalatable.

Use of products
If nothing seems to be working, you may wish to regard the possibility of buying certain products which, when mixed with her food, make her poop smell and taste very bad.

By : Maxie - Maxie Jewell has been around dogs her entire life. Through her extensive interactions with professional dog trainers and veterinarians, she has acquired a vast wealth of knowledge about learning how to stop dog problems. Her hope is that she can impart her wisdom and knowledge to other dog owners and dog enthusiasts around the world.


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